Well Solvent 200


Paraffin is a costly and complicated problem which varies from area to area and often from well to well. Paraffin commonly refers to a waxy buildup of organic material. Unfortunately, as wells are produced there is a temperature drop due to gas movement and heat exhange as oil moves up the tubulars. Well Solvent 200, is a soluble mixture, which will penetrate and quickly dissolve existing paraffin on the formation, in the tubing or in surface equipment.


The effectiveness of all solvents is based on surface-active chemistry which provides numerous advantages over other solvents and other methods of paraffin that control penetrates paraffin deposits.


Leave standing fluid in the well.
Treat well with 10 to 20 gal of W-S-200
Pump into the casing annulus; however, the treatment should not be pumped into the tubing.
Take the well off production cycle for 24 hours letting the treatment fluid gravitate into the performations.
Pump the normal clock cycle or longer to completely pump out treatment.
The paraffin will separate from the treatment in the stock tank.


Appearance Lightly : colored liquid
Specific gravity : 0.864
Density (Air+1): 3.7
Freezing Point: -29 degree C (-20 degree F)
Flash Point: 70-81 degree (21-27 degree C)
PH (neat): 8.0-9.0


Well Solvent – 200 is extremely flammable. Avoid breathing vapors and contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. It is advisable to wear safety goggles and gloves when handling this chemical. Pumps, seals storage tanks, etc. should be constructed of materials which are compatible with aromatic solvents, such as Xylene. As with all chemicals Well Solvent – 200 should be handled with care. Do not take internally. Keep stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. For additional information consult a safety data sheet.


5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Steel Drums