Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks


Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are oil soluble sticks that release paraffin inhibitor to help reduce paraffin deposition from crude oil in production systems. They contain a combination of micro-crystalline wax and a special crystal modifier. These ingredients contribute to an effective inhibiting process on certain ranges of molecular weight paraffins.


Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are primarily used to PREVENT paraffin deposition in crude oil production systems. They are not designed to remove existing paraffin deposits but can soften them, which often makes conventional paraffin cutting operations easier and faster.

They inhibit paraffin deposition by the crystal modification method. This method keeps paraffin particles from sticking together. Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are effective on certain ranges of molecular weight paraffins. Testing the sticks for effectiveness can be done by simply trying the sticks in the field or by testing the crude oil in the laboratory. To be effective, the inhibitor must be in solution in the oil before paraffin precipitation starts to occur.


Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are very economical (as compared to conventional paraffin cutting and removal operations) and can eliminate or delay the need for conventional paraffin removal operations. Continuous treatment with the sticks (especially after a conventional paraffin removal job) can extend the time period between future operations.

They are safe to handle and easy to use by less experienced field personnel and are compatible with normal oil field corrosion inhibitors and production chemicals.

Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks can be dropped directly into a producing oil well or inserted into an oil flow line (using a T-Connection Pipe) or dropped into oil storage tanks. Dropping the sticks directly into the well is more desirable as more of the production system can be protected.


The number of Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks used is based on the volume of crude oil to be treated. Laboratory tests indicate that periodic treatments of 50 PPM can help control paraffin deposition. A treatment of 50 PPM would require 0.37 lbs of Paraffin Inhibitor Stick per 24 bbls (1000 gallons) of crude oil produced.

SENIOR (1 5/8 ” x 18″) 1 per 82 bbls
JUNIOR (1 3/8 ” x 16 “) 1 per 56 bbls
JUNIOR (1 1/4″ x 15″) 1 per 41 bbls
THRIFTY (1″ x 15″) 1 per 27 bbls
MIDGET (5/8″ x 15″) 1 per 10 bbls


NOTE: Superior results are obtained by using Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks regularly and immediately after a well is cleaned. To successfully control any paraffin problem, the inhibitor insertion into the fluid stream must be present in fluid before paraffin deposition starts to occur. For best results in intermittent treatment increase the number of sticks accordingly.


The stick will dissolve slowly in 1 to 4 hours and release inhibitor gradually into the production system depending on temperature, crude oil solubility, and relative fluid motion. The stick will melt at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The stick will dissolve in oil in wells with BHT less than 140 degrees (just at a slower rate). The specific gravity is 0.83. The falling velocity through oil is approximately 100 feet per minute.


SENIOR 1.27 lb/stick 24/case 31/pail 48/chest
JUNIOR(1) 0.84 lb/stick 36/case n/a 72/chest
JUNIOR(2) 0.63 lb/stick 36/case 52/pail 72/chest
THRIFTY 0.41 lb/stick 49/case 72/pail 98/chest
MIDGET 0.16 lb/stick 108/case 204/pail 216/chest