Liquid Water Stick 21″


Water sticks 21” is a high foaming surfactant capable of foaming in fresh or light brine. The sticks are encased in a quickly dissolved water soluble tube.


Foamers are often referred to as soap; however, the more appropriate name is surfactant, which is a shortened term meaning surface active agent. Surfactants work at the interfaces between air and water to lower the surface tension. By lowering the surface tension, the surfactant holds air bubbles in a ring of water, therefore lightening the water’s weight, and enabling the pressures to effectively move the column of water.


Water sticks are highly concentrated and should be used accordingly. One stick per 2000 of 2 3/8” tubing will sufficiently foam in fresh water and light brine applications.


Appearance: White waxy stick
Odor: Little or none
Solubility in water: 100%
Dimension: 1.23 X 21”


24 per box