ClearStick 505


ClearStick 505 soapsticks are a blend of foam stabilizers and anionic surfactants; designed to unload brines and fresh water from gas wells, while reducing hydrostatic back pressure on the formation. This in turn allows for improved gas production without the extra expense of a service rig, or swabbing jobs due to water loading.


ClearStick 505 works exceptionally well in fresh water, brine water and light hydrocarbons.


Keep container closed and store in cool dry place out of direct sunlight.


Active: 70%
Appearance: White waxy solid stick
Odor: Little or none
Intial boiling point: 482° F (250° C)
Solubility in water: 100%
Dimensions: 1.36 X16 in blue cardboard tube
1.36 X 16 in water soluble paper encased tube
1.192 X 16 in water soluble paper encased tube


30 per box 1.36
64 per cooler 1.36
30 per box 1.192
80 per cooler 1.192