Soap Sticks Information


Aqua-Clear, Inc. offers a complete line of all purpose foaming soap sticks that will unload a variety of fluids from the well. These include solid, gel, powder and Liquid soap sticks. All of these sticks are packaged either in a plastic or cardboard outer cover, which must be removed prior to use.


A general guideline for the number of sticks to use is one stick per 1,000 of 2 3/8 tubing. You should double the treatment rate for each larger size of tubing. this rule will maintain good foam height and foam viscosity. The shut-in time after dropping sticks will vary depending on the well pressure, type and amount of fluid in the well. This time can be as little as one hour and can extend to 24 hours for more difficult wells. Leave the well slightly open to allow a small amount of gas to escape. This causes agitation and allows the detergent to better mix the fluids.



Aqua-Clear, Inc. offers a full line of water soluble tubes and a variety of caps. Tube sizes available include 1.23 x 21″, 1.23 x 10.5″, 1.15 x 18.5″ and .72 x 16″.