Desiccant RG-TECH


Water vapor is a common impurity found in natural gas. Operating problems caused by condensing water vapor can include; gas line freezing, formation of hydrates in meters, valves etc., and corrosion due to wet conditions. Most pipeline companies require some level of gas quality. Desiccant RG is an inexpensive way to reduce moisture content of natural gas. Salt-type desiccants, such as Desiccant RG, are an excellent way to begin to control gas line freezing and meet pipeline specifications.


Desiccant RG can be used by itself or in combination with other grades of desiccant, such as Clearwater’s Desiccant SG. In this application the natural gas flows through the
Desiccant RG first, removing the majority of the moisture, and then through the Desiccant SG to further reduce dew points. This arrangement is more cost efficient, because the more expensive Desiccant SG lasts longer.


Desiccant RG is a tablet that has several advantages over competitive pellets and briquettes.

• Made with over ten tons of compression.
• Harder, more dense tablets resist caking, channeling, blooming and dusting.
• High purity means greater activity, longer life and lower dew points.
• Convenient, easily re-sealable packaging.
• Tablets virtually eliminate broken, shattered and dusted product.


Purity                          95%
Appearance                White Tablet
Diameter                     1″
Height                         0.735″
Tablet Weight            -13.5 grams
Bulk Density               65-69 Ibs.lcu. ft.
Solubility in Water    Complete