Aqua-Clear Cor 22


Cor 22 Liquid Corrosion Inhibitor/Biological Control Chemical contains complex, highly polar, film-forming amine corrosion inhibitors and oxyethoxylated biological dispersing agents. Cor 22 is completely miscible in both fresh and brine waters. Cor 22 is based upon adipate salts of cocodiamines and oxethoxylated alkylphenols for the dispersion of the polysaccharide layers surrounding biomass. It is formulated specifically to protect water system equipment against corrosion under severe conditions. It is highly effective against hydrogen sulfide, biologically induced corrosion and carbon dioxide (anaerobic) corrosion. In addition, Cor 22 helps loosen and remove biological deposits and old corrosion products. Such deposits contribute greatly to the overall corrosivity of the system and complicate bacterial control.


Dissolved acid gasses and biological deposits can cause severe corrosion to occur in oilfield water handling systems. Corrosion by-products such as iron sulfide, iron oxides and biological mass can cause plugging of downstream injection wells. Over a period of time, water system corrosion causes costly leaks and failures.



Optimum treatment will vary depending on the specific application. generally, a continuous feed of 10-30 ppm is required to give complete corrosion protection and keep systems free from biological slimes. Cor 22 will synergistically augment any bacterial control treatments.

Evaluation of the treatment effectiveness can best be made by physical inspections of piping and related equipment. Corrosion test coupons can be used to determine the reduction of corrosion rates as compared to an untreated system. Iron counts also can be used as a guide.


Light Amber Liquid
Weight per Gallon
8.0 lbs
Specific Gravity
Solubility in Fresh Water
Solubility in Brine
Solubility in Oil
Flash Point (T.C.C.)
Pour Point


Available in 55-gallon lined steel drums 440lbs net, 485 lbs gross. Freight classification: Iron or steel rust preventing or removing compounds other than petroleum, N.O.I.


Store away from heat, sparks and open flame. Keep container closed when not in use.
WARNING! Contains mixed alcoholic solvents. Flammable. May cause irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Keep container closed. Use with adequate ventilation. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapors.