Sulfa-Clear 8411-B50


Sulfa-Clear® 8411-B50 is a aqueous amine resin solution designed as a sulfide scavenger for water. Sulfa-Clear® 8411-B50 can also be used as an additive to water-soluble corrosion inhibitors and surfactants to enhance control of micro-organisms.


Hydrogen Sulfide is a poisonous gas that is deadly at high concentrations and provides serious health threats at moderate concentrations. Operating problems caused by H2S can include severe corrosion and fouling, and injection well plugging with iron sulfides.

Sulfa-Clear® 8411-B50 can be injected continuously into water gathering lines, water tanks, holding pits, and vapor overheads. Can be diluted with methanol and water for application purposes. Sulfa-Clear® 8411 -B50 solutions containing converted sulfide are watersoluble surfactants that are normally injected into water disposal systems.



The amount of Sulfa-Clear® 8411-B50 required depends upon the level of H2S in the system and the degree of reduction desired.

In water systems, the scavenging rate of Sulfa-Clear®8411-B50 is 2.0 to 20.0 ppm per ppm sulfide.

For treatment of H2S in gas or crude oil, Sulfa-
Clear® 8411-B50 can be used at concentrations of I to 10 ppm per ppm H2S.


Appearance : Clear to slightly hazy liquid
Specific Gravity @25°C : 1.07-1.11
Density @ 25°C : 8.9 1-9.25 lbs/gal
pH (neat) : 9.0-10.5

Solubility, 10% in:
Fresh Water : Soluble
Xylene : Dispersible
lsopropanol : Soluble
Kerosene : Insoluble


5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Plastic Drums