Aqua-Clear, Inc. has a long and distinguished history in the oil and gas drilling industry. In 1961, Aqua-Flo Co. was founded as a manufacturer and distributor of air-drilling surfactants, production surfactants, soap sticks, paraffin solvents, and water soluble or dissolvable tubes. During the 1970’s up until the early eighties, they were also a Smith Tool rock bit distributorship. Currently, Aqua-Clear is a distributor for quality brand name rock bits, hammer bits and PDC bits.

In October of 1993, Aqua-Flo Co. and Clearwater, Inc. of Pittsburgh, PA joined together to form Aqua-Clear, Inc.

Merger in the Oil & Gas Drilling Marketplace

This merger helped both companies in a marketplace they were both competing in. Products such as surfactants and soap sticks that they both manufactured could be marketed jointly.

In 1998, Aqua-Clear, Inc. bought the remaining shares held by the principals of Clearwater, Inc., and today, Aqua-Clear, Inc. manufactures and distributes air-drilling surfactants, production surfactants, soap sticks, water soluble or dissolvable tubes, paraffin solvents, and rock bits.

The company has an excellent safety and environmental record and has a good working relationship with state producer organizations and environmental protection departments.