Ken Miller Supply []
Ken Miller Supply, Inc. operates a chain of “full service” Oilfield Supply Stores, with ten locations in the Appalachian Basin. For 50 years, Ken Miller Supply has been providing not only tubular goods, but also production and support equipment for producers, drilling and pipeline contractors, and utility companies.

Mcjunkin Red Man Corporation []
McJunkin Red Man Corporation (MRC) collaborates with our customers to develop innovative solutions tailored to fit your needs. With inventory coverage across the globe, MRC strives to be the Global Supplier of Choice to the markets we serve including: refining, chemical, petrochemical, gas distribution & transmission, oil / gas exploration and production, pharmaceutical and utilities.

National OilWell Varco []
National Oilwell Varco is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production, the provision of oilfield inspection and other services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry.

Producers Suppy Company []
Specialty is in the rig supply business– catering to all types of drilling.

West Virginia Oil and Gas assoc. []
IOGA was formed to promote and protect a strong, competitive and capable independent natural gas and oil producing industry in West Virginia.

Pennsylvania Oil and Gas assoc. []
The Independent Oil and Gas Association of Pennsylvania (IOGA) is the principal non-profit trade association representing Pennsylvania’s Independent oil and natural gas producers, marketers, service companies and related businesses.

Kentucky Oil and Gas assoc. []
The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association is dedicated to the responsible production and conservation of Kentucky’s natural resources, while ensuring that its members are provided fair regulations, are educated on oil and gas issues, while protecting individual property rights, health, safety, and the environment.

New York Oil and Gas Assoc. []
IOGA of New York is a trade association, founded in 1980, to protect, foster, and advance the common interests of oil and gas producers, professionals, and related industries in the State of New York.

Tennessee Oil and Gas Assoc. []
The Tennessee Oil and Gas Association is an organization of men and women involved in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas in Tennessee.

Ohio Oil and Gas assoc. []The Ohio Oil and Gas Association represents over 1,200 members who are independent crude oil and natural gas producers or related allied industries. We are their advocate before the Ohio General Assembly, Congress, state and federal administrations and the public.

Mark Wolfe Design []
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