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SC-900 Shale Control Copolymer

Desiccant RG-TECH

Gas Sticks

Anti-Freeze Sticks

Soap Sticks Information

Salt Dissolver & Salt Inhibitor Sticks

ClearStick 505

GR100 Gel Sticks

Acid Sticks

Liquid Oil Stick 21″

Liquid Water Stick 21″

Paraffin Removal Products Information

Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks

ParaClear HWD-106 Paraffin Dispersant

ParaClear D500 Paraffin Dispersant

Para Clear D290 Paraffin Dispersant

Well Solvent 200


Foaming Agents or Surfactants

Oil Stick Mix

AirFoam HD

AirFoam 311

AirFoam B – Air Drilling Foamer

AirFoam 511

AirFoam AP50 All-Purpose Drilling & Production Foamer

Scale Inhibitor Control

Clear Scale CSP – Controlled Solubility Phosphate Scale Control

Aqua-Clear Scale SI-112 Polymeric Scale Control Additive

ScaleClear A-250

ScaleClear A-100

Why Use Non-Foaming Products?

Lightning Degreaser

Pipeline Salt Inhibitor & Dissolver

Defoamer #1

Well Solvent 200 – Paraffin Solvent

Parasol Paraffin Solvent

What is a Corrosion Inhibitor?

Sulfa-Clear 8411C

Sulfa-Clear 8411-B50

Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks

Cor-Foam SticksT

Aqua-Clear Cor 22

Alpha 3207