Defoamer #1


Defoamer No. 1 is a liqud blend of surface active agents that work to break foam over a broad pH and salinity range in all oil field related water systems. These materials effectively weaken bubble film and cause small bubbles to coalesce into larger ones which rupture easily at the liquid surface.


Color : Pale Straw
Pour Point : 35°F
Flash Point : > 260°F
Specific Gravity @ 70°F : 0.84 – 0.87
Density : 7.0-7.2 lbs/gal
pH : 4.8
Odor : Faintly Aromatic


The dosage of Defoamer No. 1 varies depending on the severity of the foam conditions, the suspended solids, and the method of application. Spraying the defoamer on top of a mud pit will quickly break foam. Application through a mud hopper will aid in preventing foam from forming. In the case of foam drilling the defoamer will effectively break foam in a sump after use. Best results are obtained when the defoamer is mist sprayed on the sump.


Avoid prolonged contact as skin and eye irritation may occur. Avoid breating the vapors and do not take internally. Defoamer No. 1 should be stored at room temperature (about 70°F as it will start to solidify at temperatures below 65°F. To Liquefy, warm slowly to 70°F – 100°F. Do not use live steam. Freezing does not impair the efficientcy of the defoamer when properly re-liquefied. Storage for more than one year is not recommended. Defoamer No. 1 should not be used with rubber, neoprene, hypalon, Buna-n, and ethylene propylene. Stir well and protect from freezing.


5 Gallon Pails and 55 Gallon steel drums.